Creating A Calm and Relaxing Home

You can imagine in my line of work the types of interiors we see when we are remodeling…  Everything from homes that are immaculately kept to homes where you must step over items to get from one room to another.  Creating a Calm and Relaxing Home invites you to take stock of your home’s organization.

Articles like this one, The Connection Between Decluttering, Cleaning, and Mental Health, speak to the connection between having a clean home versus a cluttered home and how each can impact the homeowners.  Our firm is cognizant of this connection and creates designs that are not only beautiful and functional, but that also give our customers a space that evokes a sense of peacefulness. 

Now our designs are not necessarily Zen-like but they really don’t have to be if everything has its place. That’s what we will explore here…ways of Creating a Calm and Relaxing Home.

1. Clear the Clutter

Creating A Calm and Relaxing HomeThe first step in Creating a Calm and Relaxing Home is to rid yourself of excess stuff.  Yes, stuff.  We all have it, and it seems to grow like a weed before we know it. If you haven’t gone through your closets, dresser drawers, desk, and storage areas in over a year, it’s time to declutter.  Pick one room at a time and go through everything.  Make sure the whole family is involved as you work through this process. Donate, sell, gift, or trash unnecessary items.  You’ll FEEL the difference once the clutter is removed.

2. Countertop Cleaning

Let’s talk about countertops. Maybe you don’t have to declutter your entire home, but your countertops will almost always need some cleaning.  Countertops are collection points for most everything: homework, games, papers, laundry, etc. Make it a point to clean the clutter off your countertops daily to make the task less daunting and to create a sense of order.

3. Floor Space

Interestingly, floors that are cluttered also contribute to an anxiousness or an unrelaxed feeling. Put dirty clothes in the hamper, pick up and store toys and games, empty overflowing trash cans,Creating A Calm and Relaxing Home and remove any other accumulations on floors.  Vacuum and mop regularly to keep floors looking new and more importantly, to keep the whole house feeling fresh and clean.

4.  Less is More

A well thought out space exudes calm and relaxation. The less is more approach allows each item in a space to shine.  More importantly, it allows your eye to focus on the whole space and not to be overwhelmed with too much home décor, furniture, etc…. Keep what speaks to you and let go of the rest.  You will cherish each remaining item as though it’s the first time seeing it.

5. Composition

The composition of items is almost as important as the space it occupies.  The composition or texture speaks to our senses.  Natural items like bamboo throws, linen or silk draperies, wallpaper made with cork, or a jute rug delight our senses by adding naturally occurring materials.  Adding these natural items speaks to creating a calm and relaxing home.

6. Take A Moment

Creating A Calm and Relaxing Home

Sometimes we let the hustle and bustle of everyday living stop us from taking time to be present in the moment.  You can call it mediation, taking deep breaths, or closing your eyes to simply relax.  Set up a time during the day to do this…use something that you do every day as the trigger.  Maybe it’s right before you pick up the kids from school, maybe it’s after you have your morning coffee.  Practicing relaxation takes seconds not minutes…unless you want it to…it’s just a way to reset ourselves each day to focus our attention in the moment.  Try it and feel the results.

7. Ask for Help

Finally, if you don’t know where to begin the decluttering process or it’s too much of a job to handle yourself, it’s time to hire a professional organizer. They are specially trained to help you get better organized. 

If your home truly needs a facelift in every room, then hire an Interior Designer.  We here at Donna Mancini Interiors, a Design-Build firm, help clients create a cohesive, calm, and inviting environment for their entire homes.  


Creating A Calm and Relaxing Home takes effort but the results are well worth it.  Take stock of each room in your home and start the decluttering process.  You’ll be glad you did!

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