Donna Mancini Interiors & Flooring is your full service design firm.  We have the ability to select quality fixtures and materials to achieve the beautiful look you desire. Whether you are looking to renovate entirely from curb to closets, or simply showcase a kitchen or bathroom, our firm takes your vision and makes it reality with our five-phase design process.  Feel confident in knowing with each phase that the project meets your desires.

Our initial consultation can be a service all its own, or it can be the first step in a full service
interior design or renovation package. During this phase we get to know each other! We
familiarize ourselves with your space, your tastes and gain an understanding of how you want to
live and function there. It is during this phase that we will talk big picture design, as well as
ideas and potential solutions that align with objectives. We begin identifying and discussing the
initial scope, budget and how our process works.
If you’re a full service design or renovation client, it’s here that we’ll begin to gather
measurements, photographs, floor plans and any other materials necessary for your particular
If you’re a DIY client that enjoys tackling the bulk of the process yourself, our professional input
and suggestions will allow you to more confidently move forward on your own.

This phase has a fixed fee of $295.

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This phase is typically the most intensive time commitment for our design teams. We utilize all
of the information we have gathered during the initial consultation and begin to create
conceptual designs that align with your described lifestyle and desired functionality. We make
material and finish selections and source product options to be able to create a preliminary cost
outline. This phase may include an initial site visit with one or more of our contractors and/or
project partners. This phase culminates in an initial design presentation and project directional

Phase 2 fee is based on the complexity and initial scope of the potential project. This fee is stipulated in a Phase 2 Letter of Agreement.

This phase focuses on the procurement process which will bring your project to completion. It takes all the information, discussions and confirmations from Phase 2 and finalizes details
including materials list, providers, scope, sequence and timeline. Each of the products,
materials and finishes proposed in the design will be provided and reviewed for your approval.
This phase culminates with a final design presentation and project meeting at which time we will
finalize all details and project cost.

Phase 3 fee is based on the complexity of finalizing the design process and all component details to get to a final presentation. This fee is stipulated in a Phase 3 Letter of Agreement.

This phase focuses on the final scope document, product listings, timeline and payment of
terms, which is all put into our agreement. We review the access to the property requirements
and discuss the project commencement. We also review how we define project completion,
punch lists, warranty items, etc.
During this phase we oversee the execution of the project including providers, materials,
scheduling, etc. We continue to be your single source of communication and coordination
through the end of the project to ensure that the project is delivered to the agreed specifications
and the transformation is complete.

Phase 5 has a project management fee. The fee is quoted in the Phase 4 contract proposal.