Donna Mancini Interiors and Flooring (DMIAF) accepts cash, personal or cashier’s checks, and most major credit cards. No financing is currently available.

DMIAF does not accept the return of any merchandise. Once a product has left the store, we cannot accept any returns.
Special Orders:  All Special Orders are required to be paid in full prior to ordering and are non-refundable.
Any order may be cancelled by seller for any reason upon refund of any deposits.
Design time is non-refundable.

Once a project is scheduled, the home should be made accessible between the working hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm M-F subject to the specific requests of the project. Scheduling conflicts do occur so need to be pre-arranged with your project manager. If the home becomes inaccessible without advance notice, additional charges may apply.

DMIAF is not responsible for customer measurements, dye lot variation from samples, manufacturer defects or shipper delays. We do not cut doors, remove baseboard trim, disconnect or reconnect appliances, electrical, gas or water lines. We are not responsible for dents, scratches or chips in baseboard or molding. We do not paint or caulk trim unless specifically contracted to do so. Any hidden structural defects or required floor preparation may result in extra installation charges. Any flooring installation is guaranteed for one full year from installation date.
In the event buyer defaults under terms of this agreement, buyer agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees incurred in collection of amount due seller. All sales final. Payment in full to be made upon completion of installation, unless otherwise noted. Price provided is cash or check. If credit card is utilized for payment, a 3% convenience fee will be applied. Quote good for 30 days. 50% deposit required upon acceptance. Once installation has begun access to the work site must be made available between 8:30am and 5:30pm. If restrictions on access are not pre-arranged, additional fees will apply.

DMIAF is not responsible for customer measurements, variation from samples, manufacturer defects or shipper delays. In choosing cabinets, you should expect variations in color and graining in each door and drawer. Stain finishes are semi-transparent to enhance the natural beauty and character of the product. There is an extensive range of stains and color tones, color may vary based on the underlying wood products. When purchasing painted (opaque) finishes, keep in mind that the natural occurrence of expansion and contraction greatly affects wood products. Because of this, it is perfectly normal to experience some separation at joints in wood. Although we take every precaution to minimize this, it is completely natural. Door panels are prone to minor expansion and contraction as seasonal temperature and humidity changes occur in homes. The contraction or shrinkage of the center door panel during low humidity periods may result in the appearance of an unfished line alone the edges of the center panel. DMIAF does not consider the appearance of an unfinished line as a defect and will not replace doors due to this situation. It is recommended that a humidity control system is incorporated in a home to reduce the possibility of expansion and contraction in wood products. Touch –up markers are made available to cover this edge line. Often, touch-up may only be necessary within the first year.

The natural occurrence of expansion and contraction may also affect your doors, drawers and face frames. Expansion and contraction in doors, drawers and face frames can also open a joint line or warpage. The finish will still protect the surface and structural integrity of the joint will not be affected. An open joint line or warpage is not considered a defect. In some cases, doors may warp for a period until the home has incorporated its humidity control system. Special hinges are available to readjust some of the warpage of doors, until the humidity control system has regulated the environment. Remember, proper initial care and maintenance will insure longevity of beauty and enjoyment of your new cabinets.


Thank you for your merchandise purchase.  DMIAF can arrange for delivery through our outsourced delivery service at your request.  The delivery is a “white glove” service that includes the setup of your merchandise in the desired space.  Delivery fees will apply, and all merchandise must be paid in full prior to delivery.  Delivery does not include handling of electronics, cutting holes for wires, or hanging items.  Please ensure appropriate clearance for delivery.  If appropriate clearance is not available, the delivery team may refuse to complete the delivery and additional fees may apply.  Any delivery past the ground floor may have additional fees.  Please check with customer service regarding the availability of a delivery date for merchandise coming from both our showroom and warehouse.  We cannot guarantee that a particular delivery day or time is available.

Pick Up

You may choose to pick up your furniture, whether located at the Showroom or our warehouse. If your furniture is located at the warehouse, the pickup must be pre-arranged by calling the showroom.  Pickup must be made within 15 days from cabinetry, flooring, or tile arrival at the warehouse and 10 days from purchase for all other sales. A monthly storage fee of 1.75% of the total order amount, or a minimum of $50, whichever is greater, per month (No proration) will be applied. Thereafter, monthly storage fees will apply for up to six months. If not picked up within six months, cabinetry, furniture, etc. will be considered abandoned and will become the property of DMIAF. It is your responsibility to inspect the merchandise prior to removing it from the warehouse/showroom. No refunds or returns will be accepted.


  • Seller makes no warranties beyond the written description of the goods on the face hereof unless otherwise stated by seller in writing. Seller expressly disclaims any warranty of merchantability or usage for a particular purpose. This disclosure does not affect manufacturer’s warranties if any.
  • Errors in pricing, mathematical and inadvertent errors are subject to revision by seller.
  • Other terms of sale may be contained in other agreements between buyer and seller.
  • Seller reserves the right to make changes to the policy without notice.