Indulge vs. Conserve

Look in any design magazine and most of the time you’ll see new product introductions that are functional and fabulous.  There are so many options to choose from when renovating or furnishing a home that it can be hard to know when to Indulge vs. Conserve in design.

Donna Mancini Interiors’ (DMI) full-service design gives customers the peace of mind knowing that they have only one point of contact, whether it’s for a renovation, new home build, or for furnishing an entire home. It’s this soup to nuts approach that helps when it comes to managing customers’ design goal expectations, especially on when to Indulge vs. Conserve.

Here are some examples of that and why it’s best to spend more on durable essentials and less in other areas. 

Indulge: Kitchen Cabinets

When to Indulge vs. Conserve in DesignThe kitchen is the heart of the home.  It’s the place family and friends congregate. An inviting and beautiful kitchen must have cabinetry that stands the test of time (and lots of use).  DMI is a proud Wellborn Cabinetry dealer.  Wellborn Cabinetry is made in the USA. Its vertically integrated system starts at their sawmill with a tree and ends with a crafted to order cabinet.  Wellborn aside, kitchen cabinets should be hard-wearing.  Don’t skimp because no one wants to see cabinetry that easily falls apart by showing seams, material separation, and poorly constructed doors and drawers.

Conserve:  Backsplashes

There are so many beautiful tile choices for backsplashes that don’t have to break the bank. Keep in mind that a backsplash does not have to be overdone to achieve a beautiful and tasteful look.  A lovely subway tile paired with a coordinating grout or even a contrasting grout for more impact will invigorate any kitchen.

Indulge: Chandeliers and Pendants

A gorgeous chandelier or pendant makes a space feel more cohesive and interesting.  Finding THE perfect chandelier or pendant may cost more but know that your space will be that much more polished and put together with this light fixture. 

When to Indulge vs. Conserve in DesignConserve: Lamps

Lamps provide light for many things: reading, mood setting, and security among others.  Yes, you want to ensure that the lamp fits the scale of the space.  However, lamps do not need to be overly expensive now that you have found your perfect pendants and chandeliers.  

Indulge: Upholstered Sofa or Sectional

Finding a beautiful and durable upholstered sofa or sectional from a credible manufacturer for your main living space is a must.   The primary sofa or sectional should provide quality construction and be upholstered in a fabric made to last such as one with performance characteristics that feel good against the skin and resists what life throws at it.   This combination usually requires an investment, but it is well worth the spend.  DMI carries such lines like Four Seasons Slipcovered Furniture, Universal Furniture, and Hooker Furniture for instance.

Conserve: End TablesWhen to Indulge vs. Conserve in Design

Think light and airy.  Your new sofa or sectional is the main attraction, so you don’t want it weighed down with a heavy end table.

Leggy versions (like the Universal Furniture End Table shown here) adds delightful punctuation to your sofa without being too heavy.When to Indulge vs. Conserve in Design


The dining table.  There are so many choices…from wood tops to stone tops to laminate and glass tops, it can be daunting.  It is important to choose a dining table that is scaled to your space and that will also stand the test of time.  Make sure the dining table is exquisitely made by a reputable manufacturer and you’ll be set for years to come.


Now that the dining room table is in place, you can look for well-constructed dining chairs that don’t have a high price tag.  Find a chair with a timeless quality that can be easily cleaned.  That can be a wood chair, or a chair upholstered in performance fabric.


Nothing says comfort more than a beautiful bed that supports a mattress made to help you get the best possible sleep, like this beautiful Tufted Bed by our partners at Classic Home.  We sleep approximately 1/3 of the day so we should pamper ourselves.  Don’t skimp here.  You want a peaceful place you can go to at the end of the day that promotes rest and relaxation.


Nightstands.  There are all kinds of nightstands these days.  From the very basic to ones that house charging stations for your electronics.  However, a classic nightstand or night chest performs just as well as the fancy ones and can balance luxurious bedding and textiles. 

It’s not always easy to decide when to Indulge vs. Conserve in design.  We hope you find this information valuable and helpful as you move through your remodel or renovation.  Need some help?   Click Here to find out more about DMI’s Full-Service Design.

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