2022’s Design Desires

2022 is shaping up to be one of the busiest years for renovations.  Homeowners’ desires to maximize and improve their space for better living continues to be the driver.  As a result, 2022’s Design Desires have emerged that speak to a casual elegance that includes better functionality and more open spaces.

Here are some of the top things we’re seeing …

Kitchen Updates

2022’s Design Desires           
We spend so much time in the kitchen that homeowners now want larger windows or window banks to let in the outside. Open shelving versus upper cabinetry is also popular since there are so many new storage options available such as pantry wall and island storage.

In addition, homeowners want to mix up the popular white kitchen with color by bringing in a softer feel. Natural wood tones and soft paint colors break up the white adding warmth and visual interest. Adding the latest backsplash tile designs finishes the look. For example, add a backsplash tile with a herringbone pattern for a more updated feel.

The kitchen island is fast becoming the workhorse of the kitchen doubling not only as the area with the largest counter space but appliances like dishwashers, drawer microwaves, and beverage refrigerators are being added. The island, for some, is even serving as the dining table.

New and more versatile sinks that have sliding boards covering the sink allow for more counter space, cutting board options and even strainers.

Kitchen trends continue to innovate and make life easier for the homeowner.

Bathroom Beautiful

2022’s Design Desires                    2022’s Design Desires

Homeowners want their bathrooms to exude a sense of calm and serenity and at the same time, perform their purpose seamlessly.  And no wonder, with all the technology available for bathrooms, you can have both!

Marble is making a comeback in bathrooms for its timeless look and serene qualities. According to the 2021 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, “marble is making gains. Some 13% of homeowners choose marble for their flooring, a 3-point increase year over year. And 6% select marble for non-shower walls, up 2 points from the previous year.”

Storage, while important in kitchens, is now becoming a priority in bathrooms.  Towers can be added for more storage space.  Maximizing storage space in cabinetry with pull-out trays, hair drying and other hair electronic compartments, and trash receptacles is more the norm than the exception these days.

And speaking of the norm, multiple shower heads and sprays are fast becoming must-haves in shower renovations.  Homeowners want to unwind and relax after a hard day or wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  New shower technology has so many features that you can really achieve that spa experience without leaving your home.  Plus, for the furry family members, the new sprays make it so easy to clean them.

From freestanding bathtubs and bathtubs incorporated into wet rooms to low-curb or curbless showers, homeowners are designing their bathrooms to stand the test of time.

Green and Blue

2022’s Design Desires           

2022’s Design Desires include the colors green and blue…they can be found everywhere these days.  From paint colors to cabinetry and everything in between, these two colors are dominating. 

As mentioned in our Going Green in 2022 Blog, “Typically, the upcoming year’s color varies from major paint company to major paint company. Not for 2022. These companies have all chosen various shades of neutral green as their go-to color.”  A rare occurrence, indeed!

Blue is no different, Houzz search data “compared the summer of 2021 with data from the previous summer to see how homeowners’ design interests had changed. One surprising discovery was that searches for “blue bathroom” had increased 1,102% year over year.”

Wallpaper in blues and greens is also popular.  Add a burst of color on one wall or in a room.

Accent Chairs, Sofas, and the Bench

2022’s Design Desires                      2022’s Design Desires           

Today’s furniture must be dual purpose.  It must be both attractive, fitting the design style of the space, and stand the wear and tear of everyday living.

Swivel chairs are more popular than ever.  They allow for users to turn 360 degrees all-the-while being able to glide, too. A perfect chair to watch TV and then turn to watch the grill, fireplace, or join a conversation.      

Performance fabric wins the day on neutral-colored sofas.  Want that beautiful white sofa?  No problem, today’s performance fabric (i.e., Crypton, Sunbrella, Breathe by Milliken) are tough on spills and stains…and easy-to-clean, too.

Velvet is back!  Beautiful sofas and accent chairs in bold colors like blue and green.  Need a punch of color, try a furniture piece in velvet…you won’t be disappointed.

Finally, placing a bench at the foot of a bed is very popular. It adds another design element to the space while providing practical purposes like sitting and taking off or putting on shoes, packing or unpacking a suitcase, or simply offering a place to sit and relax.

Design for Purpose with Flexibility

The last two years has brought about the necessity of creating spaces with a purpose.  The home office is one such example.  Homeowners are using current spaces and rethinking their use for better efficiency, yes, but to also create spaces that speak to their wants like exercise, entertainment, crafting, or reading rooms.   And, if they are repurposing a bedroom, they may add a Murphy-style bed for guests.  “Searches on Houzz for “queen Murphy bed” were up 2,081% in 2021, while “sleeper sofa” increased 187%.”  This makes perfect sense since how often is the guest bedroom used in a year?  Better to use the space more often and have a flexible sleeping alternative for guests.


We’ve had to endure a lot these last several years.  Homeowners are looking to slow down and rejuvenate at home.  We are seeing the home transform into a place that calms us, makes us feel safe, and brings us peace and tranquility.  The use of soft colors, plush fabrics, cozy furniture, and new technology can help to reduce the stress and concentrate on our well-being.


2022’s Design Desires will continue to evolve as new materials and products emerge. Keep them in mind as you prepare for your renovation to create the perfect space for you and your family.

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