Signs of Summer

Where has this year gone?  The Signs of Summer are present…school’s out, vacations ensue, and for some of us, it the time we reimagine our homes.

There are several trends this summer that will give your house a refresh and your wallet a bit of a break.  We’ll explore ways to add a designer’s touch ranging from the big and bold, to natural materials, to lighting…all ways to embrace this newest season to the fullest.

Big, Bold, and Curves

Today’s trend is to Signs of Summerkeep spaces light and airy. Less is more. If you have a cluttered space, try removing all the small pieces and even some furniture and replace them with a piece that is big and bold. It could be a gorgeous chandelier, a large piece of wall art, or even 3D wall art. Go for a piece that has bold colors and/or a shape that commands attention. Organic shapes are in, too, this summer. Curved shaped sofas, like this one shown, and chairs add interest but also suggest a more relaxed environment.

 Natural Nod

Signs of SummerBringing in organic materials is not new this year.  However, it does lend itself to a soft summery vibe.  Adding natural materials can calm a space with its textures and colors.

Along this same line of looking at natural items, think sustainability, too.  Look at what you currently have that you can recycle, repurpose, or donate.  Not only will your home feel better, but so will you!

Finally, the summer is all about the indoor and outdoor spaces. From tile that runs seamlessly from indoor to outdoor to durable outdoor furniture that look

s like pieces used for indoor design, you can bring in nature just by updating your outdoor space.

Mood Lighting

Light is so important in design.  It sets the mood of a room.  If you want to brighten a room and adding windows is not an option, add a floor lamp or even sconces.  You can even add under-counter lighting with stick-on LED light strips that are motion activated. 

Determine what mood you want a room to evoke…Light and bright?… Calm and harmonious?  Then find areas in the room that you can add the lighting to create the perfect ambiance.

The Old and the New

Another summer design trend is to mix the old with the new. Find pieces in your hometown that add a touch of the old and convey the culture of the area. You’ll have fun learning more about your town and at the same time, add points of interest to your home.
Don’t forget about adding pieces that bring nature inside from your treasure hunt such as glass, wood, and clay. Boho chic, the combination of organic, colorful, detailed, folk-inspired pieces with simple, modern pieces is another way to combine old and new.




These are simple design trends that can make your home feel refreshed and more inviting without spending a lot of time or money. Enjoy your new space and happy summer!

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