2021 Design Trends

2021 may be known as “the year of the home.” The trend began last year for homeowners to improve their homes by repurposing areas, softening the mood, and bringing the outdoors in, just to name a few.  We are home more and thus, have a need to maximize every inch of our space.  

Here are some trends we are seeing as we move into the new year.  Some are continuations from last year and some are just popping up.  In any case, find what moves you and consider incorporating into your home.

Pantone 2021 Color of the Year: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating

2021 Design TrendsLet’s start with color.  Pantone has chosen two colors this year that depict the coming together of two different elements.  PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating represent a practical yet positive outlook.

“The union of enduring Ultimate Gray with the vibrant yellow Illuminating expresses a message of positivity supported by fortitude…” says Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute.


Homeowners thrust into a stay-at-home situation whether by choice, work or school have had the time now to find balance.  Seeking ways to utilize a space for more than one purpose, use comfortable and durable furniture, and keep the design current and chic is a trend that will continue this year.

Warmth and Comfort

2021 Design TrendsDarker paint colors are popping up everywhere to add warmth and comfort to our spaces. Sherwin-William’s color of the year 2021 Urbane Bronze is a good example.   This color brings a sense of calm and anchors a space in peace and tranquility.

Look for darker colors in textiles, upholstered furniture, and accessories.

Green Thumb

2021 Design Trends find that homeowners are incorporating indoor trees, plants, and flowers into their spaces.  As we know, plants freshen our air, but they are also beautiful sculptures that help to add a natural element to design. Breath in, breath out and feel the stresses of the day slip away by adding some greenery to your space.


The toilet paper scarcity of last year has prompted homeowners to add bidets to their bathroom designs.  We mostly think of a stand-alone basin that is used for cleaning after using the toilet. Popular in Europe, bidets are now trending on the bathroom remodel list in the Unites States.

Some doctors believe bidets are a better and healthier way to clean ourselves.  Ready for a bidet now?  Check out the aftermarket add-on bidets that attach to your existing toilets, such as Tushy.

Home Smart2021 Design Trends

More and more homeowners are using smart devices to make being at home more convenient and comfortable. From smart faucets to smart refrigerators to smart lighting options, you can control what appliances do, set lighting schedules to fit your mood, and never have to leave your favorite chair.

Earth Tones are Back

Today’s new earthy palettes and textures are going to be major players in 2021.  Burnt sienna, sage, turmeric, marigold, deep navy, and rust in varying hues come together with their natural qualities.  These colors are replacing grays with natural furniture like rattan, in flooring with travertine and on walls with deep hues from brown, navy and burnt orange or olive green.

Natural tones are familiar and gives us that comfortable and cozy feel.  These colors even can make us feel a strong sense of security.  These colors are the “comfort food” of the color wheel.

Multi-functional Spaces

Last year found many of us reimagining our spaces.  Some of us created office space, some of us created gyms, and some of us created an overall better flow of living space.  2021 Design Trends indicate that homes are functioning to serve all family-members in ways never expected and in that, restoring comfort, balance and harmony. 

Donna Mancini Interiors and Design Construction Group are proud to be a part of helping homeowners achieve their design goals. We are here to support your efforts to reimagine your home. Cheers to a fresh and exciting 2021!

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