Small Spaces Redesigned

Rooms continue to be repurposed into spaces that better accommodate everyday family living.  Here we will look at taking a small living space and creating a warm, inviting area that says, “Welcome … come on in.”

Favorable Furniture

Small Spaces RedesignedIf there is one thing to really focus on when redesigning a small space, it is furniture scale. The furniture sets the tone of the space…is it light and airy? Or big, bulky, and overstuffed?

First, you may need to reduce the size of the sofa. Going from a full-size sofa to a love seat that has slim lines and exposed legs gives the space a more open feel.  For example, Four Seasons Furniture offers a variety of sofa sizes and over 400 fabrics from which to choose.

Conversely, if your room has a corner living space, consider using a sectional to fill it. A sectional is perceived as one piece making the room feel bigger. Stick with clean lines giving a more modern vibe, not overstuffed.

Next, consider furniture pieces that are small in scale. A great place to look for these pieces are antique stores. Why? Well, rooms were smaller back in the day and thus, furniture was scaled to fit them.  Repair, repaint or reupholster a great find and not only will you love how it looks in your room, but you will be saving a piece of history.

Finally, maximize the space in your room by incorporating furniture pieces that are multi-functional. Bunching tables are a great example as are ottomans that can be used
as a coffee table or extra seating.  Small backless stools or poufs that can hide under a console are also great to use for extra seating.  In addition, store folding chairs under a bed or in a closet, if needed, for even more seating.

Use the Light

Tricking the eye to make a small room appear larger can happen in a couple of ways.  Add wallpaper to a wall and then layer it with a mirror scaled to fit over a sofa, sideboard, etc…  This creates a focal point and adds light and depth to the small space.  The mirror will reflect what is across from it…and if it happens to be a window, now you have brought the outside in and created another “window.”

Pieces that incorporate glass, acrylic, and Lucite open a space by allowing light through them.  A glass coffee table or acrylic chairs are great examples.

Storage Solutions

It is especially important not to clutter a small space.  Clutter dismantles a good design…it creates chaos and an uneasy feeling.  Include furniture pieces that have built-in storage to corral the clutter-causing items.  Storage ottomans and chests are a great option. Use a cute desk or small sideboard to help hide the unsightly objects. 

Built-ins are a great way to hide the hideous, budget and space permitting.  Use an entire wall and create a built-in that serves as a desk area, media center, or library.

Sans Sofa

There are plenty of other options to create a beautiful small space without a sofa. Create a gathering space by circling four accent chairs around a coffee table.  Set up a wine room with a counter height table and counter stools or a game room complete with a table that comes with a flip-able tabletop -dining table by day and a game table by night.  

Fill the SpaceSmall Spaces Redesigned

For spaces with high ceilings, use that height to draw the eye up by filling a vertical wall with family photos, frames of various sizes, or a lively gallery of art. Going vertical gives the impression of a larger and more expansive room.

Bringing the outdoors in adds softness and beauty to a room.  Greenery’s dimensional appeal gives the impression of a larger space. Place larger greenery in an open corner or even beside or behind chairs and sofas. A smaller plant placed on an end table or coffee table can also leave the room feeling fresh and spacious.


Small Spaces Redesigned…think about rooms you are using (or not using) and see what you can come up with that reimagines the space into something spectacular!  And remember, you can choose from one of our Design Services  for assistance designing your space.

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