Sofas…Loveseats…Chaises…Chairs: New Styles, New Ideas

Ahhh, the wonderful feeling you get when you sink into a comfortable sofa, loveseat, chaise or chair. Today’s soft furniture captures the imagination from style to function and creates an inviting environment for all to enjoy.

Sofas are the anchor that convey the style of the room.  Casual, kid-friendly, traditional, formal and contemporary sofa styles abound.

Options are almost endless . . . In addition to fabrics, colors, textures, arm style and cushion configuration, you can choose your wood leg finish or go skirted, add nail heads or not . . .

The size of your space will determine if one sofa will suffice or if a second might be needed. Here’s a quick way to determine what size sofa will work best in your space.

Measure the area for the sofa once you have arranged any pre-existing furniture in the space. Now measure the space available for the sofa. Make sure to measure both the length and width of the sofa. Allow a minimum of 30 inches in front of the sofa for walking around the room. If you use a coffee table, allow an additional 12 to 18 inches between the coffee table and the sofa, plus the width of the coffee table.

Dimensions vary from 6 to 8 feet long and 32 to 40 inches deep for a standard size sofa, and 4 to 6 feet long and 28 to 30 inches deep for a loveseat. A large room with a standard 8-foot ceiling may cry out for a long and wide, low-back sectional, while a small room with a 10 to 12 foot ceiling can carry a loveseat with a high back. Each option helps visually fill the room without overwhelming the space.

One Important Tip:  Make sure to measure the width and height of the door and any surrounding area the new sofa or loveseat will need to pass through to ensure you can get it into your space.

Once you have chosen either a sofa or loveseat, think about adding either a chaise or chair.  Chaise lounge dimensions are usually 73 inches long and 23 inches wide.  They are a perfect complement to a sofa, but don’t forget to consider one in your bedroom, den or study to add comfort and a surprise design element.

Finally, think about adding a large chair and ottoman in your space.  Chairs and ottomans come in many different shapes and sizes.   If you have a neutral color sofa or loveseat, add in a chair with a fabric pattern to bring color and round out your space.  This is the time to be bold with your choice.  Don’t be afraid to add the unexpected.

And speaking of the unexpected, ottomans can be upholstered to match your space’s colors and design.  For example, add whimsy, and additional seating, with a clover-leave ottoman.  Now you have a surprising element in your space sure to bring you exclamations of approval from your guests and give you practical use for years to come.

Design is all about finding what’s right for you.  However, it is sometimes finding the unusual piece that sets the space apart from the ordinary.  If you are in the market for a new sofa, loveseat, chaise, or chair, take a moment to reflect on what you want from the new piece, do your research and then take a chance on adding something new you wouldn’t normally choose…you’ll be glad you did.

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