Six Ways to Spruce Up For Spring!

Aah, spring is in the air! Moderate temperatures give us rise to look at our spaces and search for design that rejuvenates and inspires us.   We are good at giving our home a deep cleaning in spring but we forget about freshening up our living spaces.  Out with the old and in with the new doesn’t mean spending a lot of money…a few simple updates and your space will look and feel renewed.

There are six designs that are currently trending for spring.  As we look at these designs, picture which one(s) will work for your space.

Watercolor Florals

Beautiful watercolor florals bring in a vibrant and fresh look that can quickly liven up your space.  Look for these new floral fabrics in bold colors.  Add a couple of throw pillows to a sofa or accent chair.  You can even use the watercolor florals as window treatments, whether as fixed panels, valances or cornice boards.

Large Knits

Pillows, poufs and throws in large-scale woven textures are popping up everywhere.  Find a cable knitted pillow or throw to add interest and dimension to your space.  They come in vibrant colors, too, for that little something extra. Plus, wovens are so soft and comfortable!  Dana Hinders of says, “If you love to knit, why not showcase your talents throughout your home? There are an endless number of ways to incorporate your passion for knitting into your home decor, regardless of whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary look.”

Ceramics with Flair

Today’s ceramics radiate bold texture and color.  You’ll find ceramics in all shapes and sizes.  Find a collection of soft yellow and blue patterned vases and group them on a console.  Use a textured ceramic accessory to liven up a coffee or side table.  You can even find these types of ceramics in lamp bases. Go to a vintage store, pick a textured lamp base and then update the look with a new shade and voila!, a fresh new look to light up your space.

Dreamy Pastels

Pastels are back!  They are soft and romantic adding a light and airy feel to a room…think lavender and orchid pillows on a beige bed.  Use soft greens and pinks combined with bold accents to create a traditional living room with a little bit of an edge.  Pastels can soften any space so find the perfect color for you and create your own romantic escape.

The New Metallics

Copper is still trending but lookout for the new metallics…they are show stoppers featuring a blend of shimmer and color.  Incorporate sparkling, natural pieces inspired by watercolors. There are elegant plates that you can put on a stand to bring shine to a space.

Hang copper pendants over your kitchen island for added radiance.  Or, for a similar look that is less expensive, update a plain metal pendant with copper spray paint.  And while you’re painting, try this DIY project. Paint a canvas with a bold color and then add copper, gold or silver leaf to create a daring shimmer effect.

 New Neutrals

We tend to think beige when we think of the word, “neutrals.”  The “new neutrals” come in soft gray, hunter green, blush pink or even navy blue.  A fresh way to use these neutrals is to layer, layer, and layer.  For example, accent chairs are popping up with neutral fabrics on the front and surprising patterns on the back. Layer in a bold colored pillow and throw for an even more exciting look.  Powder rooms lend themselves to the unexpected.  Here’s one powder room design that adds the warmth of a neutral paint color with whimsy. Paint your powder bathroom a soft blush pink, add a striking chandelier and colorful accessories.

Take a look around…you’ll see these new design trends appearing everywhere.  Choose what works for you.  Have fun with your interior design and you’ll enjoy stepping into your updated space every day.

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