Powder Room Pizazz

The powder room…functional for sure…but it is also a space to rev up the design by showcasing your creative side. The powder room is typically a smaller space used mostly by guests. Why not astonish them with a pleasurable, creative and bold room?

Here are ways you can turn a ho-hum powder room into one with pizazz.

Bold Wallpaper
Big and bold patterned wallpaper is perfect for the powder room. Choose a pattern that speaks to you, whether it be florals, large stripes, or geometric shapes. Don’t worry about picking a higher priced pattern. The powder room is small so a more expensive pattern won’t break the bank.

Budget Friendly
Here’s a tip for staying within a reasonable powder room budget. Paint your current vanity a vibrant color or add a new painted vanity. Add subway tile around it for a clean and fresh look. Finish with new cabinet hardware and a new faucet to bring a modern look to the usually traditional feel of subway tile. Want to step up the overall look? Add a marble trim topping to the backsplash. It is a cost effective way to use the luxurious material to create a truly inviting powder room and still stay within budget.

Mix It Up
Another way to add pop to a powder room is to mix a variety of materials together to form one cohesive look. Tie all materials together by ensuring there is one theme throughout the space. For example, horizontal bleached shiplap walls, dark wood plank ceiling (the 5th wall), herringbone porcelain tile backsplash and intricately patterned cement tile floor all work well because the natural and neutral palettes tie them together.

Black and White
Black and white materials can take a powder room from boring to bold. Tile the wall behind the vanity with a fun black tile, like a hexagon, making sure that the tile fits with your design style. Use a white floating vanity with black faucet. Tile the floor in an almost-black slate gray color to keep the focus on the tiled wall. Remember that even the door hardware matters. Use a matte black door handle to coordinate with the faucet and other black elements in the room like the mirror frame and lighting to finish the look.

Tight Space
Powder rooms vary in sizes and sometimes, can really be tight with space. How do you bring in the pizazz? First, Moroccan tile, with its bold patterns, for the flooring is perfect for these types of spaces. The tile adds a patterned design without overwhelming. Next, paint the powder room a pleasing color. If using a darker color, paint it on the top half of the walls and paint the bottom half white. If the budget allows, add white subway tile around the room from the floor up so that it is approximately 12 inches higher than the sink and is higher than the faucet. This color combination brings brightness to the space. Finally, find a sink that is narrow and either have no vanity or use a floating vanity to give the room a spacious feel. You can even mount a faucet to the side of a sink to save space.

Rustic Intrigue
Shiplap isn’t only for the main living areas. Shiplap is mostly shown in white with distressing. However, know that you can paint shiplap. It is with this in mind that shiplap can be used in a powder bathroom to bring rustic charm into the space. Too much rustic for you? Add Moroccan tile on the floor to give the room intrigue and soften the farmhouse feel. Paint the shiplap a coordinating color. Add a transitional vanity and use finishes that will compliment both the shiplap and Moroccan tile. Make sure to update the millwork with tall baseboards and if within the budget, crown molding. This powder bathroom is sure to charm.

2019 is the year of bold; whether in choosing paint color, wallpaper, tile, cabinets, hardware, or finishes. Now is the time to take advantage of this trend and update your powder bathroom with pizazz!

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  1. Where can I purchase the wallpaper featured in the photo above? The wallpaper is a bold black geometric design on a textured white background. The powder room has a black sink. Will you identify the manufacturer and the design’s identifying name please. Thank you. Your designs are amazing!

    1. Post

      Thank you for following along. Unfortunately, we don’t have the information regarding the wallpaper and sink. We appreciate your kind words.

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