High Point Market Design Bloggers Tour Day 1 Details

In my last blog post I mentioned that I was a part of Esteem Media‘s High Point Market Fall 2019 Design Bloggers Tour! … An exciting opportunity to not only see High Point Market and all its inspiration through the eyes of the other designers on the tour, but to gain insight into showrooms and products that I might not have otherwise had the occasion to learn about. 

I shared a list of the showrooms that we were welcomed into on our 2-day tour, and shared some of the most significant trends, but I didn’t go into too much detail about each of the showrooms and their stories.  Well, that’s about to change as we dive into the details of Day 1 … 

Showroom 1 – Jaipur Living 

In addition to their beautiful rugs, what I found most inspiring was learning that this 40 plus year old company started with 4 looms and 4 weavers and is now managing over 40K of each. Family is priority for this company as each weaver owns his or her own loom and works out of their home so that they can care for their children and family members. The weavers have an enormous sense of pride in their products and are extremely grateful for their opportunities. Today the company is headquartered in Atlanta, GA and under the leadership of Asha Chaudhary, the eldest daughter of the founder. 

A Loom at Jaipur Living

Showroom 2 – Norwalk Furniture & Crypton Fabric 

This custom upholstery company was originally founded in 1902 as Galpin & Gerken, an upholstery company specializing in repair and reupholstering in Toledo, OH. They reorganized, renamed and evolved over the years, but what I think is the most moving part of their story is what occurred during the height of the 2008 recession, when Norwalk Furniture got into difficulty and 12 local families banded together refusing to let this company fail. These families are still the present owners of the company.  Norwalk Furniture sources a lot of sustainable products, they showcase several moods in their beautiful High Point showroom for added inspiration, and they utilize the phenomenal Crypton Performance Fabric in many of their custom upholstery pieces. Crypton may be the smartest fabric you’ll ever meet … It resists stain. It beads liquids. It rejects odors and bacteria. It will stand the test of time and give you freedom to live without compromise. 

A Curved Upholstered Sofa at Norwalk Furniture

Showroom 3 – Huntington House & Crypton Fabric 

This custom, made to order, 8-way hand tied, high-end, made in Hickory, NC upholstery company has it all! … Their frames are built to last a lifetime, and their skilled craftsmen have been creating these gorgeous pieces which encompass plush cushions, and diverse fabrics for over three decades. They also have witnessed a demand for performance fabrics such as Crypton, and just this market introduced a performance leather! 

Showroom 4 – Hudson Valley Lighting 

What a discovery and absolute treat! The Hudson Valley Lighting Group encompasses four brands … Corbett Lighting, Troy Lighting, Hudson Valley Lighting, and Mitzi Lighting. Corbett is their highest end line and includes stunning designs by the incredibly talented Martyn Lawrence Bullard. In their Troy line, eclectic design meet artisan expertise and natural materials are making an impact. Hudson Valley Lighting produces beautiful options where timeless design meets classic cool. Mitzi is the company’s most price driven line, but it’s evident that you don’t need to sacrifice style for price point! … The showroom was exciting and energetic, and it was made clear that finishes are important to them. The company is committed to ensuring that all finishes look and feel authentic. 

Natural Textures at Hudson Valley Lighting

Showroom 5 – Lloyd Flanders 

There is a clear pride of ownership here due to the hand craftsmanship, aluminum frames, stainless steel staples, customizable loom and fabric choices and lifelong durability. In 1906 Marshall B. Lloyd opened the Lloyd Manufacturing Company in Michigan where he developed a timeless and unique process for creating fine woven furniture. Even today, that fine craftsmanship continues in the same facility where it all began. 

Showroom 6 – JAMES by Jimmy DeLaurentis

This friendly and down-to-earth designer from Philadelphia used his experience and unique aethestic to create a global luxury brand of furniture that conveys Old Hollywood glam and is inspired by the movie stars of the 1940’s. Plush fabrics, sleek designs and bold vibrant color are the heart and soul of his showstopping pieces. There is much that sets this talented entrpreneur apart, but I’m pretty sure no one produces luxury pet sofas quite like Jimmy DeLaurentis. His pet sofas will blend seamlessly with your home’s luxurious decor. As a lover of furry friends, he believes they should be given the royal treatment too!  

Plush Velvets at JAMES by Jimmy DeLaurentis

Showroom 7 – Dome Deco

This is such a unique company … This brand offers a total interior concept built around furniture, home accessories and interior textiles. Contrasts are key here as they combine light and dark, warm and cool, urban and rural and convey the epitome of cosmopolitan living! … Our showroom tour was their first High Point showing which made the entire experience extra celebratory for everyone. This Belgium-based business presents a warm contemporary vibe, almost masculine, and was an unexpected treat for all of us. Furniture, accessories, lighting, upholstery, table top, fragrances and more all under one brand. There was no other stop on our tour quite like Dome Deco! 

Tabletop at Dome Deco

Showroom 8 – Blue Print Collection 

A beautiful art showroom that recently launched a furniture line. Owned by five interior designers, the stunning pieces in this high-end line are inspired by the designers’ travels abroad. Their stunning wood pieces come from Indonesia and are examples of quality, formality and refinement, yet the styles vary from contemporary to traditional. This was a small showroom, but it was packed with a wide variety of finishes, textures, and design elements.  

Showroom 9 – Four Hands

We closed out Day 1 at the expansive and energetic showroom of Four Hands! … The thoughtful material mixes, diverse influences and creative styling providing endless inspiration and heading turning for all of us. I saw so many pieces that incorporated travertine and other stone, as well as rattan and other natural materials. What this company does so well is combine several materials in a single piece, like this chair that marries leather, wood and metal. I saw a clear 70’s inspired vibe and more rounded shapes than in recent years. Four Hands is a full lifestyle brand that included furniture, rugs, artwork, lighting and accessories. Our tour of the Four Hands showroom was akin to a global excursion! 

Mixing Materials at Four Hands

Now that you’ve followed along on Day 1 of the Design Bloggers Tour I’d love to know which showroom would be your first stop if you were heading there today? 

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  1. The stories behind each company are so compelling! Isn’t it great that we have so many wonderful resources AND that by using them we are supporting family or community-owned businesses!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the stories behind the brands and companies Lisa! … You are so on point with your comment. I love hearing about families that build successful businesses and hearing evidence of communities coming together for the sake of each other. It’s a joy to be able to do business with them!

    1. Thank you Deborah! … The JAMES by Jimmy DeLaurentis showroom was so bold, fresh, and fun. The owner was just the same and so very down to earth. I’m determined to specify those gorgeous blue chairs for a client at some point! 🙂

    1. It was my pleasure Mary Ann. Thank you for following along! … I couldn’t agree more on the story behind Jaipur Living. They’ve created a wonderful culture for their employees and there’s a great deal of pride and appreciation that exists.

    1. Thank you for reading along! … I was thrilled when I heard about the performance leathers too. The performance fabrics are unbelievable and I find that we don’t often specify non-performance fabrics these days.

    1. Thank you Janet! … Many were new to me as well and I do think that’s what makes it an even greater opportunity. I’m glad you loved the stories … we really appreciated that aspect as well!

    1. Post

      Peggy, I’m so glad that our post was able to give you some insight and help you feel as if you were there, for at least a few moments! It’s such a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, discover new lines, and fill ourselves with inspiration. Hoping you can get to the next one!

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