Fall into the Season with These 7 Easy Designs

Fall is here! Leaves are dropping from the trees and soon the weather will finally cool down. It’s time to bring fall into your home. Here are 7 easy designs to get your home looking and feeling Fall Fabulous!

Throw Blankets
A cozy throw blanket tossed over a sofa or armchair is always a welcome addition. Today’s throw blankets are soft and come in a variety of colors, patterns and textures.

Plush Pillows
Crisp weather keeps us inside more so snuggle in with soft plush pillows on your sofa or accent chair. Larger decorative pillows like these are as comfortable as they are beautiful. Time to grab a favorite book and a plush pillow for a good read and relaxation.

Rustic Candles
Nothing says fall like the smell of scented candles. Try wooden candles to bring a rustic feel to your space. Pumpkin Spice, Wood Smoke, Ginger Patchouli, and Bourbon Vanilla are a sampling of the wonderful fragrances available. Wooden candles bring the season right inside your home and oh how good the aroma.

Make a statement by grouping fall favorites. Candle holders, pumpkins, foliage, or harvest-decorated items like plates…they can make a big impression when grouped as a collection. Put them on a coffee or side table for instant impact.

Wood Bowls and Trays
Bring out the wood bowls and trays and add fall items such as pomegranates or nuts. You can take your collections (see above) and arrange them in a wood tray and then set the tray on a coffee table or dining table. Beautiful!

Game Time
Staying indoors to play board games with family and friends is perfect for this season. Arrange board games on a coffee table to make it easy to get things started. Build a fire in the fireplace makes game time even more warm and welcoming. No fireplace? Light clusters of candles (real or battery-powered) all around the room and dim the overhead lights to create a magical mood.

Dining Table
The dining table can become a focal point of fall design by simply adding a few items. Group together varied height candles (they don’t have to be the same style) and arrange fall foliage, gourds and even small pumpkins in between and around them. Impactful, beautiful and perfect to last the fall season.

Think creatively for fall by taking the outdoors in, mixing soft pillows and throws, adding rustic candles to your home. This is a glorious time of the year, so enjoy every minute of it!

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