Eight Welcoming Basics for the Guest Room

Guests are coming … It’s time to do a room check to ensure you’re supplying the basics so that they feel comfortable and welcome.
You have bedroom furniture and window treatments in the guest room, check. Now you just need to add those final touches that create a warm and comfortable space for your guests. Focus on the following eight areas to provide versatile, key pieces so your guest room is ready for visitors, no matter when they arrive.

1. Bedding.Bedding sets the stage for the comfort of your guests. Start with a good set of sheets, either sateen or percale. Choose sheets that you would want to sleep on if you were visiting. A thread count of 180 or higher is best but also consider the feel of the fabric. Next, a beautiful quilt or duvet in a soft, coordinating hue with euro shams and a few throw pillows invites your guests in to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Finally, in keeping with the warm feel of the space, the bedding should be in neutral tones. Warm shades of white, gray, cream, soft blues and greens keep the space calm, inviting and looking fresh year round.


2. Nightstand.

It is important to have a nightstand by the bed so that your guests can place their personal items nearby. A nice touch is to add a glass carafe filled with water and two glasses for your guests. Most people have cell phones and will place them on the nightstand. If possible, have an extension cord placed on the nightstand to make it easier for your guests to plug in their phone charger.

3. Bedside Lighting.

Don’t forget to add a nice lamp on the nightstand. The warm glow of the table lamp makes your guests feel welcomed. The table lamp should allow for a three setting bulb so that your guests can adjust the lighting to their liking.

4. Mirrors. Mirrors. Mirrors.

A full length mirror is always appreciated. Prop a large floor-length mirror against a wall or attach a smaller one to the back of the door. Your guests will appreciate having a simple full-length mirror available for getting dressed.

5. Extras.
Additional pillows and blankets either placed on the bed or in the closet are pleasantly received by guests. These items provide another layer of comfort if needed.

6. Accessories.
Accessories, such as a wastebasket, help to keep your guest room clean. Books, TV, and a hair dryer are other accessories that you don’t necessarily have to supply, but do bring more of a hominess to the guest room.

7. Wall Hooks.
Wall hooks, whether on a wall or the back of the door, give your guests a place to hang towels, clothes, etc. Today’s wall hooks look great so you get the benefit of adding a decorative item to your guest room while bringing in a practical use application.

8. Tray of Toiletries.
Find a good size tray or a couple of trays to add sample-size toiletries. Liquid bath soap, shampoo, body lotion and a couple of new toothbrushes are greatly appreciated by your guests should they forget these items. If you have two trays, use one for toiletries and the other for a little coffee bar. Including everything they need to make a morning cup makes it clear that they’re welcome to help themselves and if they’re early risers and you’re not…they don’t have to wait until you get up for their coffee.

It doesn’t take much to make your guest bedroom a welcome retreat for your guests. Just a few tweaks and you’ll have a room that says comfort, calm and serenity.
Warmest thoughts and Best Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday and a very Happy New Year from all of us at Donna Mancini Interiors & Flooring!

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