Decorating for the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching. Now is the time to think about how you want to style your home for the upcoming festivities. Here are some ideas to assist you in decking the halls for the holidays.

Mix & Blend
Let’s start with fall…use smaller pumpkins of varying height, hollow them out, add your favorite fall flower or greenery and water. Arrange 5 or 7 of the pumpkins on a table as a centerpiece. For more impact, add a tea light and water to a pumpkin and incorporate it with those that are flower-filled. Stay with the theme of varying heights for Christmas. For example, hang oversize snowflakes over your dining table, add tall, thin candlesticks and glass vases on the table. If you have a fireplace in the dining area, hang garland made with olive branches.
Use a hurricane size glass vase with a candle in the middle and surround it with winter’s most festive foods, such as walnuts, cranberries, and kumquats. Switch out the kumquats and add silver or gold glittered pinecones and pomegranate for Christmas.

Use favorite family photos and Christmas cards and hang them with ribbon on your banister’s garland. Find inexpensive wood frames and spray paint them red, white, gold or silver and add holiday photos or cards. Display them in a group on your mantel or a side table.

Whether it’s for fall or the Christmas holiday, adding string lights to your table arrangements, wreaths, garland,  and potted plants turns the ordinary into a dazzling display.  The LED lights are low wattage and can be used virtually anywhere.

Tried and True
Pumpkins, gourds, candy corn, fall foliage, poinsettias, cinnamon and candy canes won’t ever go out of style during the holidays.  Add these items throughout your home, even in unexpected areas, like your bathroom or a hallway and watch your family and friends smile with pleasure.

Metallic Mix
Many people ask us if it’s okay to mix silver and gold. The answer is a resounding YES! Combining silver and gold brings together two shiny metallics for a dramatic effect.  Group together silver and gold vases, candlestick holders or picture frames and watch your space sparkle.

Ornaments…not Just for Your Tree
Have extra ornaments? . . . Use them to decorate all around your home. Find a large bowl, add holiday greens and top with shiny ornaments. This makes a great centerpiece or nice side table addition. Add holly to a vase and hang a few ornaments on the branches. Great for a bathroom vanity. Use a long shallow wood serving tray to add ornaments, cinnamon sticks and greenery. Place on your kitchen table for all to enjoy. Add ornaments on long hangers or ribbon in various lengths to add whimsy to your garland on your banister or mantel. Re-purpose a cake stand…add your favorite ornaments in various sizes, encase in the glass lid for an unexpected display. NOTE: add small LED lights for additional impact.

Mix Neutral Hues
Keep it simple by using white and gold only. For example, dress up a table using a white tablecloth, add gold chargers or place mats, white plates and gold flatware. Use gold and white Christmas trees, vases and flowers to dress up the center of the table. You can do the same for fall using a white tablecloth and burlap place mats or wood chargers with the white plates and stainless steel flatware. Dress up the centerpiece using a 6” distressed wood plank with tea lights on it.

Scents Ah the smells of the holidays. Spiced pumpkin, cinnamon, anise and black pepper, evergreen…whatever your favorite holiday scents…make sure to incorporate in your decorating for added warmth and comfort.

As the hustle and bustle of the season meanders through your schedule, take the time to enjoy your holiday decorating by slowing down, pouring your favorite holiday libation, and giving thanks for the many blessings bestowed upon you.

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