Current Design Trends Moving Into 2024

It’s hard to believe that 2024 is just around the corner.  2023 has brought us fresh new designs that add warmth, color, and convey a sense of timelessness.  Current Design Trends Moving into 2024 encapsulates these new design directions.  Keep these in mind as you journey through your renovation or new build.

1. Cabinetry and FlooringCurrent Design Trends Moving Into 2024

The feeling that’s conveyed when walking into a home begins with that first step onto a floor and flows into the home.  Today’s kitchen and bathroom designs incorporate natural and stained wood cabinetry.  We are seeing an oak cabinetry comeback.  Oak is being shown quartersawn and rift-sawn and stained in beautiful warm colors.  Hickory and Walnut are making a comeback, too.  The all-white kitchens are moving to a blend of stained and white cabinets.

Our cabinetry partners, Wellborn and Bertch, currently showcase stunning kitchen and bathroom designs that incorporate these new trends like the kitchen shown in this photo from Bertch Cabinetry.  Our flooring partners, too, now feature gorgeous wood and SPC Vinyl and Laminate flooring in tones that invite comfort and a sense of tranquility.

2. Quiet Luxury

This new trend of homeowners choosing materials, colors, furnishings, etc. that will stand the test of time continues to grow.  These homeowners are mostly aging in place so want the beauty and style to last as long as possible.

Traditional to transitional style showcasing an understated elegance that is inviting and comfortable are what these homeowners desire.  A good example is this master bedroom design that our team recently completed. Our client wanted to make it his own style but also ensure a timeless appeal. Check out the wallpaper in the tray ceiling from our partners at Wallquest.

3. The Neutrals

The gray tones of the last several years are making way for more warm colors such as creamy whites, beige, and deep browns. Homeowners now want to wrap themselves in the comfort of their home.  The warm color tones soften and calm spaces from the warm white, taupe, and oatmeal colors to the more earthy tones of brown, green, orange, red, and yellow.  This photo is a great example of the transformation of our client’s master bedroom into a soft and inviting retreat.

A sense of calm and comfort are the norms for how today’s homeowners want to live.  These beautiful neutral colors set the overall feel in achieving this desire.

4. The New Gems

Jewel tones are gaining traction in today’s interior designs.  Named after gems, these are richly saturated hues.  Colors like sapphire, ruby, amethyst, citrine, and emerald are popping up in paint, furnishings, artwork, and home accents.

Jewel tones create interest and add just a touch of boldness in a space.  They allow for a peaceful, yet comforting experience as shown in a client’s recent guest bedroom redesign.

5. Scullery/Butler’s Pantry

Today’s homes boast open concept kitchens. However, there is a trend now to add a scullery/butler’s pantry that enables the mess of a kitchen to be hidden.  These new spaces allow homeowners a place to bring in groceries, meal prep, add extra appliances, and even a sink.  Now all the clutter is concealed allowing the main kitchen to remain pristine.  No more fretting over the cleanliness of the kitchen, forever the place family and friends gather, as it will always look picture perfect.

6. Environmentally Friendly

Homeowners increasingly want to use sustainable materials to contribute to the health of the environment.  They look for ways to add comfort and cost savings by finding sustainable upgrades in insulation, solar power, natural ventilation, and air filtering systems.  Our sister company, Design Construction Group, used sustainable materials for this new build.

Some homeowners look to repurpose old furniture into something new.  Washable rugs are more readily available, helping to lengthen their shelf life.  Environmentally safe cleaning solutions now come in small, premixed vials to mix with water in reusable glass containers saving the environment from harsh chemicals and plastic.

It’s a sea change that is slowly taking root and growing as homeowners look to the future of their families and beyond on our planet.


These six Current Design Trends Moving Into 2024 will impact home renovations and new builds.  Contractors and homeowners will work together to discover new and exciting avenues for aging in place, adding the calm and comfortable, using natural tones with a punch of jewel tone flair, and sustainability.  Look to 2024 to be the year of maximizing these new trends and discovering ways to live in our homes in peace and tranquility.

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