Creating the Perfect Space

Creating the Perfect Space

It is interesting to experience first-hand what is happening in today’s interior design world.  We are seeing clients, with varying budgets, come to us because we offer full-service design.  This means we are their one source of contact from project conception to completion.  These clients consider what we do a luxury in a sea of compartmentalized trades.  We offer clients the ability to create a curated space designed with their specific needs in mind.

Luxury used to equate with expensive, but not anymore. Today’s clients are savvy consumers.  They have researched and know what they want and can, with our help, design a space that is luxurious but does not have to break the bank.  Yes, material and freight costs continue to climb so the overall cost of a design project has increased but that has not stopped our clients from seeking out our services. 

Here are three areas to consider when “Creating the Perfect Space.”

Core Components

Creating the Perfect Space

Now that you are renovating, the refrigerator you have been eyeing can now become a reality.  Or, how about the claw-foot bathtub? Finding the perfect element that you connect with should be paramount in your new design.  The new design gives you an opportunity to bring in core components that you will use and see every day.  They will most likely be more expensive and yes, dare I say, luxurious.  Budget accordingly to get what you want.  You want the space to be an extension of your lifestyle…one that brings you joy.  Splurge on a few core components and enjoy!

Luxury on a Budget

Creating the Perfect SpaceConsider a give-and-take approach when designing a space on a budget.  For example, upgrade to custom kitchen cabinetry and consider a countertop that looks great but does not break the bank.  Many of our clients request items specific to their needs, such as a gorgeous tub, marble slab for baking, or even a dedicated room to host wine tastings. By choosing key items that are important to you and incorporating them wisely in your design, you can achieve the look you desire and stay on a budgetary course.

Concept to Completion

In today’s high-demand home improvement market, it is critical to find an interior designer or design-build team that is your one source for Creating the Perfect Space. Make sure to interview the designer or construction company to find out their processes, how they sequence projects, timelines, payment schedules, and most importantly, how they will communicate with you.  

It’s important to incorporate your key pieces in the design for a luxurious feel.  Be willing to give and take to achieve the look you want.  Take the time and do your research to choose the right designer or design-build team and Creating the Perfect Space can become a reality!  

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  1. O love how you laid this out, Donna, and how you stressed budgeting for exactly what brings you the MOST joy.

    Thanks for helping me think that through.

    1. Post

      Leslie, thank you for your wonderful comment. I’m so glad that you found it helpful. There are so many considerations no matter the budget or size of the project, so communication, advisement, and consultation are significant aspects of our full-service process.

  2. Great advice to prioritize the key components that are important to you. It requires a lot of planning for the splurge vs save elements to make sure you end up with the function and look that is perfect for you in the end.

  3. Wonderful advice, Donna. I’m a firm believer in splurging on the ‘must haves’ and pinching where you can as long as it does not change the design of the space. Working with an interior designer and design build firm can definitely guide clients in the right direction on the splurge/save concept.

    1. Sheri, that is a big part of the value of a good design/build firm and team. There are choices to make always, regardless of the size of the project or budget. Beauty, functionality, and how decisions affect day-to-day lifestyle are key! Thanks for following along …

  4. Very insightful tips! I definitely agree that achieving a luxurious feel does not have to break the bank. Splurging on a few important luxury items can create the perfect space. Thanks for this post!

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