5 Ways To Step Up Your Summer Décor

b6cab2c9-b278-4a42-848e-dc6d8751238eGet your home summer ready with our 5 easy breezy tips sure to evoke the feeling of the season. From walls to windows to floors to ceilings, we have some great ideas to brighten things up.

  1. Paint – Summer is the perfect time to try a vibrant hue of color in your home. Think the tropics. Try rich splashes of cobalt, inviting yellows or a contagious hue of turquoise to brighten things up. You can paint an accent wall, tray ceiling or a fireplace wall for a little added color or go for the gusto and paint the whole room.
  2. Pillows – If you’re craving change, add throw pillows for instant gratification. Stay with an odd number like 3 or 5 instead of the traditional pairs. And use different shapes and sizes like rectangles and rounds instead of just squares. Layer a variety of textures, colors and patterns to keep things lively. Sometimes more really is more.
  3. Wallpaper – It’s back! And it’s big and bold and really wants to be noticed. Try 3D graphics that look like wood going up your fireplace wall or brick that makes a great accent wall in a kitchen. If you can imagine it, you can probably find it in a wallpaper. And think outside the box with where you install it. Ceilings make great accent walls. The back of bookshelves can be a great way to bring a pop. Wallpaper is an inexpensive, versatile way to step up any décor.
  4. Window Treatments – To bring the inspiration of the season to any room, try adding in a new set of window treatments. Strip away those heavy window coverings and try light and airy fabrics in bright colors. Nothing says summer like sheers. Not only will you enjoy the added color but you will also improve your view of the gorgeous summer sights.
  5. Rugs – Often overlooked, the biggest impact of color can come from a decorative rug. Some designers say it is the soul of the room. Easily, it should be the foundation of your room. Everything you do should connect back to the rug, including accessories. Try oddly shaped rugs with bright patterns to really add an extra focal point.

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