5 Tile Designs We Love

Herringbone Pattern If you’ve lived with outdated tile for years, starting a long awaited remodeling project can be a big step. Tile patterns are endless but are one of the best ways to add your personal style.  Here are 5 modern patterns to help you figure out the best layout for your kitchen, bathroom and beyond.

Brick – This is the most basic of all tile patterns. But just because it’s simple, don’t be tempted to skip over this one. It’s a classic layout and works great anywhere and everywhere. Best of all, with so many materials, colors and sizes, it‘s a choice guaranteed to work with every style of décor.

Stacked – If you’re looking for a clean, contemporary design, this is the pattern for you. Tiles are laid out in a horizontal stacked pattern to create a zen-like simplicity. If you’re feeling particularly trendy, try the soldier stack; laying the tile in a stacked pattern vertically.

Herringbone – A herringbone pattern is created by laying tiles at right angles into a zig-zag formation. This gives a sophisticated, high-end look with even the simplest of materials. Try using this pattern as a feature wall as it adds a lot of energy to any space.

Basket Weave – If you’re looking to add a vintage feel, try the basket weave. It adds texture and dimension in small spaces. The interweaving lines create an amazing look and can be perfect for a bathroom floor and small foyer.

Chevron – Similar to the herringbone pattern, the chevron is easily distinguished by its inverted “V”. Geometric patterns are hot and adding a chevron backsplash to a kitchen is one of the hippest trends this year. It instantly adds a fashion focal to any room.

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