Rest and Rejuvenate with A Good Night’s Sleep

It has been a tumultuous first six months of the year. As a result, many of us may be experiencing higher stress levels and anxiety. This is a good time to take a step back and look at our home and assess areas that can help us rest and rejuvenate with a good night’s sleep.

Let’s start with the bedroom. The best way to begin is with a good night’s sleep.  G O O D sleep, and I say that with emphasis, is hard to come by for some of us.  Here we are going to look at how you can create a space that allows you to unwind and relax and wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the new day.

What Helps You Relax?

Think about that for a moment…what helps you relax?…close your eyes and breath deeply as you contemplate those things that help you to unwind.  Now ask yourself if you have these items incorporated into your bedroom?

We spend on average six to eight hours a night sleeping in our bedroom.   It makes sense to have one or several of the things that help you to relax in a space where you spend approximately a third of your time.  

Start with your bed, does it help you relax? Get the best sleep possible? If not, here are a few tips to get you on your way to a good slumber. Start with a monochrome bedding palette like the one shown here with one of my favorite beds from Classic Home. The tufted headboard and footboard combined with the luxurious bedding makes you want to snuggle up. The neutral palette allows the beautiful chandelier and artwork to be focal points in the space.

Rest and Rejuvenate with a Good Night's Sleep, Laurent Bed

Bedding Basics

You’ve probably slept in a bed that encourages you to sink in and get a good night’s sleep but for some reason cannot recreate this look and feel for your own bed.  There is hope!  First, remove all clutter.  A relaxing space should be free of stacked papers, laundry, kids’ toys, and anything else that makes the room feel cluttered. And yes, the bed should be made…think sanctuary. Next, find a mattress that suits how you sleep.  Stomach sleepers usually prefer a firm mattress, while side sleepers and those with back concerns may need a cushier mattress. There a so many new choices out there.  Do your research and buy from companies that offer a 90-day return policy.  Use soft sheets on your bed.  Cotton is a good choice as this material softens after every wash. Layer your bed to meet your sleep needs. A flat sheet and lightweight blanket may be perfect for a person who tends to get hot at night.  A duvet cover with a down-filled insert may be perfect for a sleeper who gets cold.  

Pillows are important, too.  We often put up with an unbearable pillow.  We wake up with a sore neck or shoulders. Ouch!  If this is the case, keep trying pillows until you find perfection.  Don’t forget extra pillows for reclining, reading and extra support while you sleep. Finding the bedding basics that suit your needs will help you to rest and rejuvenate with a good night’s sleep.


For those of you who are sensitive to harsh chemicals and have allergies, take heart…there are bedding alternatives out there to keep you from having a bad reaction.  Down alternative fills are available for your pillows and bedding. These products are made of top-quality, non-toxic synthetics that give you the look and feel of down but won’t have you sniffling, sneezing or breaking out in a rash. Plus, they are safe on the environment. Tip:  Dust mites can be kept at bay with organic pillow and mattress protectors and by sanitizing your pillows by tossing them in the dryer on high heat every 6 months.

Rest and Rejuvenate with a Good Night's Sleep

Bedding Beautification

It is time to add the beauty to your bed, whether you choose natural or synthetic products, think of your bed as your cocoon.  Let this knowledge be your inspiration to bring in elements that add softness, beauty, and serenity.  For example, try embroidery on your sheets and pillowcases.  Or, banding on sheets to add a pop of color and for a practical, yet decorative addition, lay a throw blanket with texture and a complimentary color on the foot of the bed.

Rest and Rejuvenate with a Good Night's Sleep

Good sleep is hard to come by these days.  Take the time to assess your bed, bedding and overall bedroom space.  Does it convey rest and rejuvenation?  Is the space free of clutter? Do you feel at peace in the space?  If you answered no to any of these questions, then maybe it is time to update the space. Here is to a good night’s sleep!

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