Kitchen Cabinetry 2018: Inspirational Design

Kitchen cabinet designs can be as wide-ranging as your imagination.  From rustic to modern to colorful or monochrome, the new kitchen is as much fashion as it is form.  Here are several trends sure to delight and innovate.

Rethink The Classics

Two-toned kitchens and warm natural selections – like clay, copper, gold, henna, and ginger are becoming a hot choice selection for next season. Nature influence and reflections in coloring may be expected to have a strong stand next season – from the terracotta colored soil up to the green hues of the wilderness. There are signs that for the third year in a row the dark hues and tonalities will have a significant presence in the modern kicked color palette.

Bright vs. Light

The kitchen is the heart of any home.  Create a space that is both smart and sophisticated.  The new kitchen presents a design both aesthetic and original that is adorned with sparkling colors for a lively atmosphere. For this look, use energizing colors, including bold red. Incorporate this color on a single wall and combine it with another no less energizer shade, such as solar yellow or turquoise blue.  Another look is to combine bright white, intense blue and florescent green. These vibrant colors create a festive look.  Conversely, if these looks are too bright for you, use softer hues such as white or gray for a lighter look and feel. The 2018 kitchen is full of color, whether bright or subdued.  It is warm and inviting, making any reason to be in the kitchen pleasurable.

Sleek Sophistication

Simple façades without handles, an association of gray, blue and white, a central island with an almost invisible bar table. A kitchen of contemporary, masculine design with sound functionality, blending matt and satin surfaces.  Ideal in spacious interiors, its combination of snow white, raw concrete and solid wood invigorates the whole giving structure to the room.


Nothing says high-end like the use of the black-white duo. Sleek, clean and dramatic…black and white combine for a sober, chic and ultra-modern ambiance.

 White Marble

The use of white marble as a focal point for a kitchen island brings to the space elegance and sophistication. It is an element that warms a kitchen island and enhances the beauty of the space.


A tip of color or a mixture of wood and white bring a warm spirit to the kitchen. Try a two-tone cabinet to add character like weathered white oak cabinet doors and white painted cabinets.

Dark Plum

Another color to watch out for in 2018 is dramatic purple.  You’ll see this plum color appearing in tile back splashes and kitchen cabinets. It works well with sleek designs as well as traditional looks.

Thanks to new technologies, innovations and designers’ imagination – there are so many possibilities for kitchen design and arrangement. The possibilities are endless – from small and functional kitchens to jazzy urban compositions to dark and bold structures or light and whimsical designs. For those that prefer a more natural lifestyle and want to feel the connection with nature – the trends leading to more rustic design, the recycled materials selection and natural composition should be more suited.

Just take your pick and enjoy.

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