Five Accessories That Add WOW To Your Home

You know it’s time to freshen up the interior of your home, but you don’t know where to start. It truly can be overwhelming. However, with minimal modifications, you can significantly change the appearance of your space, and give it a bright, new, current feel.  Accessorizing a space adds the WOW. It’s what draws you into the room and gets a reaction.

Here are our 5 favorite accessories that are sure to liven up any space . . .


Mirrors can be utilized in every room in the house. They reflect light, so they always brighten a space. Have a dim hallway? . . Add a mirror. Mirrors are functional but can also act as works of art or conversation pieces. Use a large mirror with an interesting design or shape for your bedroom. Incorporate a mirror into your room design with colors that match or compliment your room color to create an integrated design. Try an extra-large mirror for a living room to open up the space and add reflective light to the room. Mirrors can become more than functional, they can become something you, your family and friends will enjoy for a long time.

Big Clocks
Talk about drama! Adding a big clock to a blank wall creates instant impact. These clocks are timeless. Big clocks come in many shapes, sizes and colors to match any room. Their functional nature combined with their decorative appeal exudes a decorative flair sure to impress. Don’t be afraid to add to a bedroom or even the bathroom. They are versatile and can be a focal point of any space.

Today’s pillows come in various shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Use pillows that are substantial, overstuffed and can be shaped. Pick the newest colors of the season to freshen up your sofa, chairs, and bed…even try a very large pillow for the floor for extra seating! Try shaping the pillow before you buy it so you know you can form it as needed. Use a quick karate chop at the top of the pillow to soften the pillow’s sharp form. Add bold prints, like a zebra print, for impact, making sure that the main colors in the pillows coordinate nicely. Use different sizes to create that designer look.

Lamps are items that we tend to buy once and keep forever. However, a 20 year old lamp will date your space. It’s time to freshen up your lighting with new lamps that are as much a design statement as they are functional. Use a large base to add drama to an empty space. Glass lamps allow for light reflection and can open up a small space. Thin base lamps are perfect for an otherwise cramped space. Experiment with lamp base texture and design, you won’t be disappointed!

The candle holds a place in history as being the primary source of lighting for thousands of years. Today, the candle is not only practical but embodies the senses with its alluring smell, texture and shape. Candles enhance even the most unassuming of spaces. They can be used to enrich the theme of any room as well as to focus a transitional moment between rooms. Use monochrome colored candles in various sizes and group them together. Large scented candles come in decorative containers and can be grouped by varying size.

Integrating the Top 5 Accessories in your space will give you that WOW factor you’re looking for without breaking the bank. What are you waiting for? Start accessorizing!

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