Donna’s Picks

Our beautiful showroom gives customers inspiration to make their design dreams come true.  Now, you can make your design dreams a reality with Donna’s Picks.  Choose from specially selected items, call the Showroom at 904.810.2027 and let us know what Donna’s Picks you want to add to your home today.

Outdoor Citronella Candle with Holder REV

Zigzag Ombre Globe Vase R

Palawan Mother Of Pearl Flower Vase

Palawan Mother Of Pearl Crescent Bowl

Swirl Vase Grey_White

James Vase

White Leaf Vase

Ruffled Top Aluminum Vase

Two Tone Ceramic Vase

White Starfish—Real

Silver and Gold Ceramic Rope Vases

Abberford Trays

Textured Silver Candle Holder

Wood Tray R

Beige Textured Ceramic Vase

Brown Ombre Square Jar

Cheese Mold – 3 Hole

Galvanized Silver Vase

Banana Leaf Wall Plaque R

Black_White_Gold Jar

Tonka Noir Candle Collection

Winter Mint Artisan Ceramic Candle R

Bronze Ceramic Plate

Gray Cement Candle Holder

Conical Sand Timer

Golden Hex Tray

Grooved Glass Vase, Silver


Textured Silver Vase

White_Gray Drip Vase

White Sphere Paperweights


Lauder Vase

Bellefontaine Vases

Gold Dot Mosaic Tray

Blue Ribbed Vase

Medallion Wall Decor R

White Faux Coral Sculpture on Metal Stand

Bamboo Mirror Covered Box

Corals Red Porcelain Vase

White_Beige Etched Ceramic Vase

White_Gold Feathers Wall Mount

Geometric Candle Holder

Antoni Throw Blanket

Soft Luxury Chinchilla Feel Faux Fur Throw

Camelot Apple Throw

Campbell Oatmeal Throw

Ivory Faux Fur Throw

Striped 100% Bamboo Throw-Natural

Hester Lake Pillow

Inlet Marina Pillow

Flintstone Throw Pillow—White

Flintstone Throw Pillow—Taupe

Hylee Throw Pillow—Gold R

Hylee Lumbar Pillow—Gold

Piazza Throw Pillow-Graphite

Protraction Throw Pillow-Pewter

Techno Throw Pillow-Platinum

Mongolian Lamb Fur Pillow—Fog

MR Enzo Gray Pillow

RR Mazza Tidal Pillow

AP Catena Sky Blue Pillow

VP Elaine Port Pillow

SLD Lapis Desert Pillow

RR Mate Tidal Pillow

SV Miri DK Marine Multi Pillow

RR Dixon Ochre Tidal Pillow

ADR Lydia Blush Pillow

NF Alta Multi Pillow

SLD Nita Toffee Pillow

SV Mina Mallard Multi Pillow

NB Maddox Wheat_Natural Pillow

JB Selena Fuchsia Pillow

JB Venna Multi Pillow 1 in stock

SV Cece Blush Multi Pillow

BT Abilene Gray Pillow

BT Abilene Charcoal Pillow

SLD Lapis Bone Pillow

VC Luri Gray Pillow

VC Capital Natural_Pearl Pillow

SLD Julia Latte Pillow R

SLD Oliver Stone Gray Pillow

ADR Alina Storm_Desert Pillow

ADR Allison Nat_Desert Pillow

HER Tegan Iron Pillow

ADR Lois Harbour_Desert Pillow

NB Mirage Wheat_Natural Pillow

MR Axel Chestnut_Ivory Pillow

AR Nebra Gray Pillow

RM Katia Ivory_Gray Pillow

Soft Luxury Chinchilla Feel Faux Fur Rug R

Cream_Beige Antiquity Rug

Cream Antiquity Rug

Harbor Imagine Rug

Cream Shark Imagine Rug

Ivory Gray Jute Rug

Spa Blue Sonora Jute Rug

Metro Sage Rug

Niagara Blue Area Rug

CoconutMilk -Shark Area Rug

Harbor Mist_Blue Area Rug

Stone Wine Area Rug

Coconut_Harbor Mist Area Rug

Cream Coconut Michelle Rug

C.P. Beige_Sand Imagine Rug

Cream Neutral Imagine Rug

Harbor Mist_C.M. Michelle Rug

Laurent Tufted King Bed

Loft Queen Bed Taupe FINAL

Hearst Bed FINAL

Farrow Chest R

Patrina Fog King Duvet

Nuevo Luxury Faux Fur King Coverlet Set-White

Bari Velvet Gray 3Pc Queen Set R

Bari Velvet Port 3Pc Queen Set R

Bari Velvet Pebble King Sham R

Lana Charcoal Euro Sham

Elara White King Sham

Valois Shelf

Bleecker Recycled Bookcase REV2

Bleecker Recycled Narrow Bookcase

Dakota Entry Locker

Lennox Freestanding Display LG

Santa Maria Bookshelf

Pierre Hutch FINAL

Goucho Round Dining Table

Urban Dining Table 8′

Caleb Gathering Table 

Hampton 60” Round Dining Table

Melargo Dining Table R

Caleb Round Dining Table Special Price

Anderson Dining Table 1 in stock

Book Leaf Console & Dining Table

Desmond Round Dining Table

48 inches Geometric Dining Table Special Price

Sylvana 42” Round Table Special Price

Dougherty Upholstered Dining ChairR

Spoonback Side Chair Rev

Aubrey Arm Chair Rev

Maxwell Dining Chair Rev

Ashley Dining Chair

Jordan Side Chair Seal Rev

Jasper Side Chair Steel Rev

Bryant Dining Chair Rev

Verona Dining Chair Rev

Spenzia Side Chair Rev

Riviera Side Chair REV

Chord Side Chair FINAL

Phillip Upholstered Dining Chair

Taylor Dining Chair R

Bogart High Back Chair

Newport Slipcover Chair Gray

Linen Counter Stool R

Smart Counter Stool

Powell Counter Stool R

San Rafael Counter Stool R

Gamlin Counter Stool

Kavanagh Bar Stool R

Adiris Bar Stool

Phoenix Chandelier

Harry Chandelier R

Sullivan Chandelier R

Claiborne Chandelier

Sasha Chandelier

Everest Chandelier

Porfino Chandelier_Info

Archer Chandelier—Large

Braylee Ceiling Light_Info

Weldon Chandelier

Arlington 4-LT Chandelier

Colt Pendant

Perry 3-LT Chandelier

Reynolds Chandelier

Ryker Pendant

Adela Pendant Light

Cimberleigh Chandelier_18

Isabelle Chandelier

QS Vito Chandelier

Brower 4-LT Pendant

Cohen Pendant

Croix Pendant

Elsmere 6LT Chandelier

Garrett Sconce

Jamison 6-LT Chandelier

McGraw 4-LT Chandelier

Warner Pendant

Atwood Chandelier

Gregory Chandelier

Ivan Pendant

Winthorpe Chandelier

Andela Chandelier

Lustrum Chandelier LG

Lustrum Chandelier MED

Genie Small Silver Chandelier

Grand Ane Chandelier

Landini Large Chandelier

Naples Medium Chandelier White

Pumpkin Gold Chandelier

Charlotte Chandelier Elongated

Charlotte Chandelier LG

Cimberleigh Chandelier

Derince Iron Chandelier

Eliza Chandelier

Marion Pendant Large

Odense Glass Pendant

Tarsus Chandelier

Green Oaks Wall Pendant

Green Oaks Pendant

Endsleigh 1-LT Pendant FINAL

Heritage 1-LT Pendant FINAL

Adelino, 1 Lt Pendant FINAL

Baldwin Hanging Lamp FINAL

Volturno Table Lamp

Sullivan Table Lamp

Lolita Table Lamp

Carafe Table Lamp

24H Branch Table Lamp

Lucia Table Lamp

Laura Table Lamp

Jaqueline Table Lamp

Elise Buffet Lamp

Elise Buffet Lamp Bronze

Dallas Table Lamp

Berlin Floor Lamp

Alpine 4-Drawer 2-Door Sideboard

Halden Round End Table

Halden Round Coffee Table

Solvang 2Dwr Console Table

Solvang 1Dwr End Table

Finn Octagonal Coffee Table

Hunter Round Coffee Table

Auvergne 2 Door Buffet

Hemmingway Coffee Table

Dulwich Coffee Table

Evanston Console R2

Xander Sideboard

Book Leaf Console & Dining Table

Caleb Console—Desert

Caleb Console—Espresso

Harmon Console

Gregory Console Table

Penrose Console

Arlington 3-Drawer Desk

Juliana Desk

Farrow Chest R

Ella Coffee Table

Lynbrook Storage Coffee Table R

Bobbin Bench R2

Kubu West Indies Coffee Table DS

Gramercy Coffee Table

Myrtle Round Coffee Table

Toulouse Coffee Table

Slate Coffee Table Gray

Fairfield Coffee Table

Cinda Accent Table

Milo Side Table

Chelsea Lamp Table R

Jack End Table R

Reese Slip-Covered Sofa_Nomad_Snow

Harper Slip-Covered Sofa

Jordan Slip-Covered Sofa

Cason Swivel_Glider by Four Seasons

Miles Swivel_Glider by Four Seasons2

Callie XL Swivel_Glider by Four Seasons_rev

Bailey Swivel_Glider by Four Seasons2

Barclay Lounge Chair

Getty Recliner Club Chair

Seminyak Arm Chair with Cushion

Oda High Back Chair 4_7_2020

Savona Arm Chair FINAL

Berne Accent Chair REV

Deco Iron Mirror

Agata Mirror

Beaded Gold Modern Mirror R

Uban Chic III Mirror R

Uban Chic I Mirror R

Olmetta Vintage White Mirror R

Olmetta Vintage Black Mirror R

Isabel Mirror R

15 Panel Rustic Barnwood Mirror R

Bungalow Mirror R

Chauncey Rustic Vintage Mirror

Mirrored World Map Framed Print

Mykonos Mirror

Roxy Mirror

Mosaic Finish Seychelle Mirror

Sequoia Mirror

Eliseo Mirror

Amelie Wall Clock

Ronan Wall Clock

Alphonse Wall Clock

Powell Clock

Brice Clock

Vanishing Blooms Hand Painted Canvas

Mercury Hand Painted Canvas

Bright Morning Hand Painted Canvas

Divide Hand Painted Canvas

Blue Coastal Lagoon

Tropic Blue III and IV

Sea Fan on Canvas

Into The Distance

Regatta Hand Painted Canvas

Indigo Triptych

District Framed Canvas Art R

Gray Reflections

Farandole Hand Painted Canvas

Amandine Hand-painted on Canvas

Aged Fence Artwork

Gray Checkerboard Hand Painted Canvas

Blue Angel

Spring Has Sprung R

Fashion Sketchbook

Miss Liberty

Eiffel Tower Paris Canvas Art

Patina Hand Painted Canvas

Black Beauty

Canopy Of Lights

Stacked Stone

Lane Framed Canvas Art

Eastern Coastal Art


Blue Waterfall

Splish Splash

Campbell Triptych Web

Sea and Sky

Gilded Bath Framed Prints

Equestrian in Browns and Golds Abstract

Ride Oil Reproduction

Le Croisic I & II

Winter Sea Scape Hand Painted

Lights of the City

Silver Choices Hand Painted Canvas

Mystic Forest Hand Painted Wall Art


Coming Home Hand Painted Art

Sunshine Thru The Rain Hand Painted Canvas

Wood Coral Blue Wall Art Prints

Glass Tiles Hand Painted Canvas

Spacious Skies

Meditation Hand Painted Canvas

Plein Air Barn Framed Print

Devon Printed & Hand Painted Canvas R


DMIAF Accent Chair—Wheatfield Denim FINAL MARKDOWN

DMIAF Accent Chair—Romantic Chestnut FINAL MARKDOWN

DMIAF Accent Chair—Savio Saddle FINAL MARKDOWN

DMIAF Accent Chair—Banks Calypso FINAL MARKDOWN

DMIAF Accent Chair—Bergamo Quartz FINAL MARKDOWN



Berne Accent Chair REV

Savona Arm Chair FINAL

Chord Side Chair FINAL

Hearst Bed FINAL

Loft Queen Bed Taupe FINAL

Pierre Hutch FINAL

Evita Chandelier FINAL

Endsleigh 1-LT Pendant FINAL

Heritage 1-LT Pendant FINAL

Adelino, 1 Lt Pendant FINAL

Baldwin Hanging Lamp FINAL