Current Surface Trends in Kitchens and Baths

Current surface trends in kitchens and baths continue to excite the senses with new design options. Here we will explore distinctive and functional trends finding their way to the surfaces in these two areas.

Wallcoverings, countertops and floors set the stage for the perfect kitchen and bath. The abundance of surfaces touting unusual textures, new patterns and infinite color choices stems from innovations created at the manufacturing level. “Consumers are searching for longevity in the material, as well as the design choices,” said Katie Michael-Battaglia, design director at Nemo Tile + Stone. “They are looking for materials that are functional and that will make a space pop and feel like their own.”

Floors fit for everyday living are first on homeowners’ minds. Are they easy to maintain? Will they hold up to kids and pets? Jenne Ross, director of marketing for Karndean design flooring, says that “homeowners want a floor that will keep up with them, not one they have to babysit.” Luxury vinyl and rigid core flooring (an engineered vinyl floor that has an enhanced rigid core construction for dimensional stability) continue to trend. Properties include wood-look, waterproof, easy to maintain, and affordability. For the wood flooring lovers that want the look without the inherent properties of solid wood, there’s engineered hardwood. This surface is less prone to moisture damage, looks like solid wood and is easier to install. Plus, there are many beautiful style options and plank sizes. Finally, there is tile. This flooring style ranges from mid to-higher price points, comes in wood-look or stone-look ceramic or porcelain tiles and is popular for highly trafficked spaces. All flooring styles can enhance the look of kitchens and baths…choose a style that best meets your everyday living needs.

Feel the warmth is the new refrain. Gray hues are still in, but consumers are trending to materials that are warmer and lighter. Combinations of gray and beige are more prevalent. Dark floors are being replaced with flooring in blonde hues. The lighter-colored flooring brings the outdoor in coordinating with almost any furniture décor. However, consumers want to differentiate their flooring by using herringbone or chevron patterns and different plank widths. “Two key trends in flooring right now are luxury and individuality,” said Patrick Bewley, vice president of marketing for DuChateau. “Customers want an upscale look and feel on their floors, regardless of material.”  

Countertops, like flooring, now come in materials that will hold up to daily use. According to a Houzz study, countertops continue to be the most popular replacement during a kitchen renovation. Bathroom countertops must have the same durability as in the kitchen. Materials that are heat and scratch resistant are popular. Currently, quartz, an engineered stone, is on target to be the fastest-growing surface material, according to a recent study by the Freedonia Group, an industry market research firm. This makes sense as engineered stone’s non-porous properties resist bacteria and stains. The exciting part, from a design standpoint, is that quartz, for example, comes in many colors and styles that are simply stunning. Adding quartz to a kitchen or bathroom renovation enhances the overall aesthetics and brings the homeowner peace-of-mind. Now that’s a win-win!

Surface shifts to materials using new technology allow consumers to purchase products that have the same look and feel as natural stone. Engineered quartz can appear to look like marble and granite with innovations in veining and pattern techniques.  The good news here is that the cost is considerably lower than its natural counterparts. The dramatic look of engineered quartz from tops brands like Cambria, Ceasarstone and Pompeii appeals to consumers, as well as, other mimic-type materials like iron and cement. In addition, through new innovations in texturization, you can have a reliable work surface with a honed, polished, or leather appearance. What’s more is that these new technologies are creating characteristic countertops from recyclables like terrazzo or glass. These surfaces embrace color and of course, are eco-friendly. Some of these products are more affordable, too. Even reclaimed wood is getting in on the action. It brings in a unique and authentic look that some homeowners are craving like incorporating dark countertops to provide a modern and moody feel that contrasts the typical white kitchen.

Statement-making backsplashes continue to impress as as one of the strongest aspects of a remodel in current surface trends in kitchens and baths . The colors, patterns, shapes and sizes are endless. The plethora of choices allows for the kitchen or bathroom to have personality in a bold and colorful way. Ceramic and porcelain tile – the most popular backsplash materials according to a Statista 2019 report, can take a dull and drab space and turn it into a stunning combination of texture and design sure to please the eye. Popular are colors in greens and deep blues paired with exotic shapes like arabesque and encaustic tiles. What exactly is encaustic tile? This type of tile is “made up of at least two (and up to six) colors of clay with intricate patterns that appear inlaid and that comprise both the design and the body of the tile. So, unlike glazed patterns, which sit on the surface, encaustic patterns are essential to the makeup of the ceramics and won’t wear off over time,” according to Meagan Beauchamp of Other tiles trending includes three-dimensional tile, a modern update of traditional shapes like subway tile and mosaics in blends of concrete, metal, ceramic, and glass. Even the more traditional marble is getting a facelift with new shapes and finishes. Expect the unexpected in backsplash tile inspirations like textiles or worn metal, geometric shapes and blended colors. These trends allow for the backsplash to feel like a piece of art. It’s about combining the efficient with the enchanting.

Surface trends in kitchens and baths will continue to surprise and amaze. Let yourself explore the possibilities…yes, you may have to squirm a bit to get out of your comfort zone…but know that the result will excite the senses and give you a renewed spirit every time you step into the room.

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