A Joyful Home is a Happy Home

The new normal finds many of us still at home working for a good part of the day. We may be there with our children, pets, and possibly with extended family members. Home improvements that were put on the back burner are now rapidly moving to the front to make areas more functional. As you consider the improvements you are making, also consider that a joyful home is a happy home and set the mood  towards one that evokes such a presence.

Here are seven easy ways to add joy to your space.

1. Room Reinvention

We see a dining room space and make it a dining room. But what if the dining room space doesn’t have to be a dining room? It could become a reading room/library, a place to relax after dinner (think 4 glorious accent chairs around a stunning coffee table), or a game/playroom. If you have a traditional home with a living room and a dining room, consider swapping them so you can benefit from dining in a room with a fireplace. Empty nesters remove your breakfast table for comfortable reading chairs to enjoy your morning coffee and view to the outside. Clear the junk out of your garage to make way for a man cave, work room or a place for the band to play. As for color, pick shades that make you feel happy. Orange shades, known for evoking joy, happiness and social engagement, may be a great start!

2. Staycation

Not much travel is going on these days.  This is a great opportunity to take from your favorite vacation spot(s) and add furniture, artwork and paint in a space that takes you back to the fun, rest and relaxation.  Enlarge your favorite vacation photos and place them in like frames to form a collage on an open wall space.  Turn your color photos into black and white for a more dramatic appeal.

3. Outdoor Living

Fall is just around the corner.  What better way to celebrate than to spruce up your outdoor living area? Whether you add a pool, extend your patio, add a summer kitchen, or simply add a dining table and chairs, you’ll enjoy the openness and light mood of being outside.

A Joyful Home is a Happy Home/Outdoor Living

4. Stranger Things

Sometimes we need a little quirky in our lives to bring us joy. Look around your home for something that can be repurposed as a planter, flowerpot or vase. Old mugs, pitchers, pots, glassware…it does not matter the shape or size. Paint it a bright fun color, add plants or flowers and enjoy the compliments!

A Joyful Home is a Happy Home/stranger things

5. Lift Your Spirits

Keeping things light-spirited puts a smile on your face and keeps a joyful mood. Uplifting and fun signs…colorful art…whatever makes you smile can be added to a space.

6. Inner Child

It’s time to embrace those things you loved to do when you were younger. For example, puzzles have gained popularity as we have been home more these days. Set up a space that anyone walking by can stop and find a piece to add to the puzzle. If music is your thing, create a music room. How about a chess or checkerboard table? Be playful and you will find you inner child once again.

A Joyful Home is a Happy Home/inner child

7. Passion Projects

Make an inviting space that allows your creative juices to flow. Whether you turn a room into an art studio, or you find a corner space to put your crafting materials, you’ll be more apt to begin and finish your passion project.

A joyful home is a happy home…these are but a few of the ways you can add joy and happiness to your home. Take advantage of being home, walk through it and envision the joyous possibilities!

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