8 Ways to Liven Up Your Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are typically all about form and function. Need a washer and dryer? … Check. Maybe a laundry sink? … Check. Place to sort clothes? … Check. However, laundry rooms can be transformed into a place you love by injecting new personality into the space.

Here are eight design ideas that will inspire you to create your own laundry room haven.

1. Bold is Beautiful.
Laundry rooms function as a utilitarian space. We don’t spend hours in this room like we do in the kitchen or in the family room. Therefore, adding bold colors to the laundry room, whether you paint the walls or choose bold-colored cabinets, revives the room in such a surprising way. Go ahead…pick your favorite intense hue for the laundry room and turn this space from dull and boring into a space of fun and whimsy.

2. Kitchen Creativity.
Take a cue from your kitchen design and carry it into your laundry room. Elements like the kitchen flooring, wall tile pattern, wall color, or light fixtures can be transferred to the laundry room. For example, your kitchen may showcase black, white and green materials. Bring these elements into a white colored laundry room. Use the black and white for a checkered floor and paint certain walls with punches of green. This design will result in an interesting graphic appeal because of the contrasting hues. The punches of green set it apart from ubiquitous mostly-white laundry rooms.

3. Wild Wallcoverings.
Wallcoverings are back! They are fresh and exciting. Whether you choose wallpaper or tile for a backsplash, consider going with something bolder, that you might not choose for your open-plan kitchen, but can work in your laundry room. Forget about what’s trendy and go ahead and select colors or patterns that speak to you, regardless of their bold nature.

4. The Fifth Wall.
Don’t forget the often-overlooked ceiling or “fifth wall” when upgrading your laundry room. The laundry room ceiling acts as a canvas for a pop of color and will raise your eye upward to accentuate a beautiful light fixture, molding, or wood work.

5. Cabinetry with Color.
Bright colored cabinets, such as red and yellow, may not be a good long-term choice for the kitchen. However, adding colored cabinets to a laundry room adds energy and personality. Colors can affect our mood and motivation. Surround yourself with colors that get you revved up to do the laundry. Use hot hues such as red and you’ll be done with laundry before you know it!

6. Accessorize.
Don’t forget to add the finishing touches to your laundry room. Artwork and window treatments can make this boring space more comfortable. You have to spend time in the laundry room so make it as appealing as you can.

7. Paint and Tile.
Stray away from safe neutrals when choosing your paint color for the laundry room. Experiment with color combinations you wouldn’t normally consider. If you haven’t painted your laundry room in a while, pick a hot color that is currently trending. Paint is the easiest and most affordable design element to change so consider updating your laundry room color today. Tile, on the other hand, is a bit harder to add or change. However, there are plenty of budget-friendly tile available. Choose an area in your laundry room to tile that is not very large and in no time, you will have created a beautiful design element that didn’t break the bank. The trick here is to have fun with your choices.

8. Use Your Imagination.
Leave no area in your laundry room without design consideration. For example, if you have a laundry room closet, consider painting the interior a bright hue. How fun to open the closet door to a surprising pop of color! If your laundry room has an exterior door leading to a garage or outdoor space, consider painting the door interior a bold color. Now every time you go through the laundry room door, you’ll have a smile on your face!

There’s no getting around doing laundry. Walk into your laundry room today and imagine how you can change it from boring to exciting…from ho-hum to energized…from monotone and muted colors to bright, airy and yes, fun.

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