5 Stylish Trends in Wallpaper for 2016

Looking to add that “wow” factor to your walls without the costly expense of stone or tile? Current wallpaper looks will do a great job achieving that goal. Wallpaper can also do a great job mimicking the looks that can be created with exotic paint finishes generally in much less time and at a fraction of the cost. With the advancements in printing, a few rolls of wallpaper will give your space a look of luxury and make any wall grand.

  1. Natural Surfaces – Think wood, stone and brick, with extra attention to grainy imperfection. From planked walls to grass cloth, it’s a dramatic way of “tricking the eye” into believing you’ve brought the outdoors inside.
  2. Geometrics – Add a modern touch to any space with simple, clean patterns that bring order to your home. For maximum impact, try bold patterns in small spaces like foyers and powder rooms. Or create sophistication in areas such as bedrooms with an unexpected twist by adding it to the ceiling.
  3. Metallic Patterns – Wanting a contemporary look? Metallics bring out the best in wallpaper under different light with luxe color combo’s bound to excite your glamour gene. A gorgeous wallpaper may just have a hint of metallic to act as a backdrop for other well-loved pieces in your home.
  4. Animal Prints – Think reptilian or exotic. Imagine powder rooms, feature walls, entry ways, or a master cloaked in rich ostrich. Yes, people are putting exotics on their walls. The papers create a feeling of opulence while adding a sexy texture.
  5. Feature Walls – Create a stunning statement in a pattern you might not be willing to do on a larger scale. Choose a wall that’s already the focal point and play it up with a dazzling design. Because you are papering a smaller space, you can choose a paper that would normally be outside your budget. And above all, be fierce with a feature wall.

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