2018 Standout Kitchen & Bath Products

Our team just came back from the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Orlando.  Wow! The new innovations, surprising trends and beautiful products did not disappoint.  Many environmentally conscience companies’ showcased water and energy-saving fixtures.  Technology for the “connected” home continues its stronghold with tech-savvy appliances and fixtures.  Products to make your life more convenient that are easier to use and serve multiple functions prevailed at the show as well.

There were so many inventive and striking fixtures, appliances and materials.

Here are just a few of our top picks:

Nebia Showerhead 

A few young men in San Francisco created a Kickstarter campaign to produce this simple showerhead.  It is incredibly easy to install and adjusts daily for different users. Nebia saves 70 percent more water than standard showerheads and still delivers 10 times more surface area than most showers.

Bertazzoni’s New Professional and Master Series Ranges

This new Bertazzoni series boasts a fast boil burner and an oven with 5.9 cubic feet of space.  In addition, the range comes in more than 10 different versions and colors of all-gas, dual-fuel and induction.  There are also user-friendly operations, including a new interface and a temperature gauge, plus it has that classic, Italian-made appearance.


Nasoni Faucet

Tired of having to strain to wash teeth or shave? A father-and-son team invented this unique faucet with a fountainhead on top intended to make these daily tasks easier for the whole family. It was inspired by the ancient public fountains still found in Italy today.

Delta® ShieldSpray Technology

Delta proclaims that the ShieldSpray “cleans with laser-like precision while containing mess and splatter. A concentrated jet powers away stubborn remnants of food while an innovative shield of water surrounds the jet and mess to keep the splashing contained, so you can spend less time soaking, scrubbing and shirt swapping.”


Nikola Tesla from Elica

Elica has unveiled its first aspirating induction cooktop, Nikola Tesla. It combines the functionality of the cooktop and hood into one product, eliminating the need for a range hood and providing a clean design aesthetic. This 33-inch smart induction cooktop features sleek black glass and futuristic touch controls, as well as an innovative ventilation system that senses the cooking level of each burner and adjusts the blower accordingly. Equipped with the most advanced technologies and characterized by the distinctive design, it is available in both filtering and extraction versions and is also a product easy to clean. Elica also ensures silence and the A+ energy efficiency class.

Moen’s Brantford Faucet 

The Brantford Faucet features a classic look created by lever handles and a tapered spout. The 4-inch center-set design allows for easy installation, and the faucet meets EPA WaterSense criteria to conserve water without sacrificing performance. Now with Power Boost technology, the pulldown spray wand also provides a faster flow of water at the push of a button.  It comes in several finishes to fit any décor.


Backlit and Lighted Mirrors

Talk about adding ambience, brightness and usefulness to a bathroom, mirrors with lighting are becoming increasingly popular.  There are two types: backlit and illuminated.

Choose what works best for your space. 

This large backlit rectangular mirror boasts a dimmer, 11,070 lumens (the brightest mirror on the market) and approximately a 120,000 hours / lifetime guarantee. The mirror can hang horizontally or vertically.  What an impact this type of mirror will have in your space.

The Kohler Verdera medicine cabinets and mirrors are examples of lighted mirrors. According to Kohler, they “can make your daily routine more efficient. They provide even, optimally bright lighting, which eliminates harsh shadows and hot spots. Adding a dimmer switch gives you even more control over your lighting and the atmosphere of the room. An electrical outlet included within the medicine cabinet gives you more convenience when getting ready for your day. So if your daily routine includes primping, plucking, shaving, brushing or applying makeup, install a Verdera lighted mirror or medicine cabinet and see yourself in a whole new light.”

Wellborn’s Aspire Cabinetry  Clean lines and crisp edges are what define Aspire Cabinetry, the Full Access Frameless line by Wellborn Cabinets. Aspire showcases a contemporary, European, sleek look in the home. Frameless cabinetry not only provides a modern look but it also provides room for more storage due to the absence of the face frame.  Whether in your kitchen or bathroom, Aspire will INSPIRE you!

Kitchen and bath products continue to amaze and to provide function far beyond our expectations.  If you are thinking of redoing your kitchen or bath areas, make sure to research your options.  You will love what you find…more importantly, you’ll love the form and increased function of your new space!

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